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Cullan & Cullan, Phoenix Auto accident attorney (Arizona)

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Cullan & Cullan is a personal injury law firm founded in 1990 by Dr. Dan Cullan, one of the first doctor-lawyers in the country. The firm is formed by a family of lawyers who are licensed doctors as well. The team includes four lawyers who are licensed doctors, lawyers with degrees in anatomy and engineering, and lawyers with training in advanced accident reconstruction.

Their medical and legal experience helps them get record-setting verdicts and settlements for their clients. The main goal of the firm is to help its clients obtain the maximum compensation while exposing negligence and penalizing those who have acted with negligence and injustice in order to prevent others from suffering the same.

Practice Areas

Cullan & Cullan specializes in the areas of:

  • Car accidents.
  • Rear-end collisions.
  • Single vehicle accidents.
  • T-bone collisions.
  • Low-speed crashes.
  • Hit and run accidents.
  • Drunk driving accidents.
  • Head-on collisions.
  • Texting-and-driving accidents.
  • Accident reconstruction.

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